Re-elect Dan Johnson for House District 3.

Hear Dan's comments on some important topics just below the Flag.
Dan represents Logan, Richmond, Cove and River Heights.

What about Education?

What about Inflation?

What about our Infrastructure?

Representing Logan, Richmond, Cove and River Heights

"Dan Johnson has a long history of community service in Logan, especially with our young people through his work in public education. We need strong voices in the legislature who both understand and are willing to speak out on education issues, especially since so much of our state budget is dedicated to public and higher education. Logan has been fortunate to have principled leaders representing its citizens, and I believe Dan will carry on that great legacy." 

Vote for Dan

Dan has been an educator for 49 years, 42 years as an administrator. Most recently he served as the Director of Edith Bowen Laboratory School on the campus of Utah State University and as the Assistant Superintendent for the Tooele County School District. Previously, Dan served as principal at Mount Logan Middle School for 17 years.  

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