Utah Republican Convention

Welcome Delegates.
We are breaking into New Territory with our Virtual Convention.

This Google AMP site will bridge the gap between Personal Attendence and Slow Web Delivery.

Because of how this system works we should be able to provide instant feedback in Real Time.
That means within seconds of a vote result, we can have it out to 1,000's.

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Candidate Summary

We are asking each candidate to submit their informaotion to Doc@UTR.co. We are doing this because the AMP connection is nearly instant and if we link to everyone's websites there will be bottlenecks and delays.


This Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile App) system works off a unique connection, both wifi and celular system.
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As you saw in the movie just above, Google AMP has the ability to deliver our results in Real Time.


A summary (coming soon) of the different races.
We will be able to post the results of voting in real time.

Convention Rules

The following are the Rules adopted by the State Central Committee for this convention.

  • Rules - Roberts Rules of Order WILL NOT be used at this meeting.
    Open to all Republicans who will be 18 by that year's General Election. 
    The Goal of this Caucus is to Elect our Precinct Officers. 
    Will follow the 2018 Utah State Republican Party Caucus Rules.
  • Rival Party  - For the purposes of this Bylaw, "rival policital party" means any organization of registerd voters currently qualified to fully participate in Utah Elections as provided by Utah Code, which is not the Republican party.
  • Elegible for Cacus - Any resident living within the precinct boundaries, who will be at least 18 by the time of the general election, and who are registered with the Republican Party including residents affiliating (registering) this night, and properly credentialed may speak.
    These same rules apply to those Qualified to Vote. 
    These same rules apply to those candidates for Precinct Offices and Delegate Positions.
  • Rules of the Party -  The State Republican Party through its governing documents sets the rules for caucuses. The rules cannot be suspended or altered at Caucus. Roberts Rules of Order will not be utilized in the caucus meetings.
    The State Party sets the agenda, the individual precincts do not adopt or amend the agenda.


Information coming...

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