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New Technology

We can make the
Real World Clickable

You already have it on your phone.
We just unlock it for you.

Imagine our QRgo codes on a float, at a meeting (just like you are seeing right now.) or at the Fair.
Think we can get our message out there a little better? 

It's not a normal QRcode.

It's different, MUCH Different.

Let's consider the Possibilities

* Links promoting the Party at the County Fair.
* Link on a Float in a Parade.
* Signs strategically placed around the County.
* GRgo codes on our Candidates Campaign Signs.
* Special video Links off Several Sites.

And the best part, it works off the Wireless OR Cellular Network.
That means if someone is clear out in Richmond and clicks on a sign, it works the same as if they were in downtown Logan! 

When you make it Fast and Easy, folks Will Click.
They won't join a text message campaign, they won't even take the time to type in a Website address.
But Point and Click...they Can and Will do.

And as far as our website, you may have noticed how fast you were able to connect to this site. This is Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages, the latest technology.


It's Fast, Powerful and we can keep and control it all in house.

In fact, try to access our current website right now. Chances are you can't because you are indoors. In fact, if you do have Wi-Fi, turn it off and then see how easy it is to access even without Wi-Fi.

Then there is One Final Thing.

ADA Compliance.

We are currently a sitting duck for a Law Suit, not to mention that our site is not usable to many folks.
But Chris and Shellie have researched and found a way we can do it for Next to Nothing!