Keep My Voice

Time to set the record straight.

What is "Count My Vote" really about?

'Count My Vote' is not telling the truth. It's all about the Rights of a Private Organization to Choose.

Our State Auditor has First Hand Experience in the Primary System

John describes his experience in the California system where Money usually Buys the election.

Christ Troupis
Constitutional Law Attorney

Constitutionality of Count My Vote​'s initiative and Senate Bill 54. In an Interview with Constitutional Attorney, Christ Troupis, the record is set straight​.

What is Really Behind
"Count My Vote?"

The Utah Caucus System has been helping Utah choose the best leaders for over 100 years. Utah is one of the most successful States in the nation. Success doesn't happen by accident. Utah's success is due to the Caucus System--Success by Design!

Dr. Ron Paul

Director of Keep My Voice Brandon Beckham Interviewed Dr. Ron Paul​, former Texas Congressman and Presidential candidate in Cedar City, Utah.

Now, imagine that person Phil describes wasn't even employed by your company.
Imagine they were actually employed by your competitor yet tried to force you to place them in that job.
Would you simply accept it or would you Fight?

Even some in California are starting to Wake Up

California has the worst government that money can buy, so why do we need to copy them?
The California Neighborhood Legislature program is fighting an uphill battle.

Join us in our effort here in Utah...


Neighbors meet together at local caucus meetings to elect their county and state delegates by consensus. There are more than 30,000 unpaid, volunteer delegates across Utah serving their communities for the Republican, Democrat and Constitution parties. Every two years there’s another election and a new set of delegates. Anyone can run to be a delegate within their respective party of affiliation.